Vasco Buonpensiere - CdM’s co-founder and CEO
Ennio Cecchini - Co-Founder & President

About commercial success

I have to be honest: it is difficult for me to talk about our current situation without seeming self-congratulatory or self-referential. The commercial success we are witnessing and - more importantly - the reputation we have garnered fill with immense pride the entire CdM team, or tribe as we love to define ourselves.
In the first three months of 2024 we have finalized five contracts and a few more are on the final straight. Today, our Order Book include seventeen explorer yachts - with a total length of 610m and a combined Gross Tonnage of 6320GT - and we are confident to reach twenty shortly (in 2011 we delivered our first Darwin 86 and the total length of the yachts under construction was shy of 52m).
These figures speak for themselves.

About market trends and swings

It is undeniable that the yachting market is subject to swings that have a direct and immediate relationship with the financial situation worldwide.
On the other hand, it is also true that when the market goes down, all sort of goods undergoes a flexion and only the best and most exclusive products stand the test of a crisis. The reason is easy to understand: in prosperous economic conditions, consumers of luxury goods tend to buy ‘shiny and trendy’ products. Conversely, during economic downturns, they prioritize purchases that offer substantial content, enduring quality, and that are built to last.
We, as CdM, we know it. We entered the market is the worst possible moment, 2010, when the global crisis hit hard the yachting industry, we chose a path and pursued consistently our ‘mission’ and, even if we passed through hard times, we kept our course firmly. We wanted to be a crisis-proof brand. And in fact, we had committed ourselves to build the best possible explorer yachts, and to deliver top quality in both design and construction. Our commitment is still there, our vessels cruising all over the world are witnessing their consistency with our mission, and the commercial success we are experiencing is not going to make us derail, seduced by possible increase of volumes following the positive wave of the market. We resist to those sirens’ call.

About quality

As a confirmation of the above, I would like to underscore is that amidst the undeniable increase in the quantity of yachts we have sold, we steadfastly uphold the hallmark of excellence in our construction.
This is accomplished through a deliberate strategy of keeping the annual yacht deliveries at a maximum of three to four units.
By imposing such a restriction, we ensure meticulous attention to detail, uncompromising craftsmanship, and unparalleled quality in every vessel we produce. This commitment to controlled production not only preserves our reputation but also guarantees the utmost satisfaction and confidence among our clientele. (Let me add that, seeing the results, it seems that our clientele of experienced yacht owners, appreciates it in full and they demonstrate it by accepting the longer deliveries).

About our semi-custom series

Looking back to 2010 when Ennio and I embarked on an enterprise considered bold, if not risky, by many, and observing what we achieved, I can’t help but being proud of what we have accomplished.
We started building just one 86-footer of the visionary (allow me that) Darwin Class and we went on delivering one, maximum two medium sized explorer yachts per year and our Order Book, which extended no further than a year and a half horizon, included from three to four units up to 90 feet. Then, around 2016, the yachts delivered per year became three… and a steady growing (yet sustainable) process brought us, in 2018, to enter the empyrean of the top builders worldwide, becoming the undisputed leaders in the construction of explorer yachts.

We knew that despite the success of the Darwins, it was compelling to expand our offer to reach a wider range of potential clients. This is why we introduced the Nauta Air series and after that, more semi-custom series that proved to be highly successful: the Flexplorer, the RJ, and more recently the Deep Blue line. Alongside the custom series we started producing a limited number of full custom explorer yachts. It is crucial to emphasize that all our explorer yachts, even if ‘branded’ within a specific range, and presented as semi-custom, undergo extensive customization tailored to each owner’s requests.

About our philosophy and mission

Our proactive approach to yacht building reflects our commitment to excellence. By closely monitoring market trends, we produce explorer yachts that exceed the expectations of discerning yacht owners in design, functionality, reliability, and comfort.

How we succeeded in doing that?

  • We had a precise idea since the start and pursued it with tenacity and consistency. Our unwavering dedication propelled us to emerge as the global leader in the construction of explorer yachts, honed through the knowledge, experience and keen insight we acquired over the years. In the wake of our success, many shipyards have announced their intention to enter the explorer yacht market. However, up to now, these proclamations linger as unfulfilled aspirations or result in isolated endeavors. Building explorers is not about the shape of the yacht or reverse windshields in the pilothouse: it is a matter of maritime culture, shipbuilding approach and deep knowledge of extended and heavy-duty use of the vessels.
  • We retained our essence, preserving the soul of our company by maintaining our modest size.
  • To uphold the quality synonymous of our explorer yachts, we opted for a gradual growth in production figures. Nevertheless, to go with the production needs, we expanded our facilities by building two new sheds (a further shed is under construction) and a private dock, hired additional skilled employees and workers (we actually doubled the number of direct employees in two years), and expanded our long-standing collaboration with high-profile subcontractors.
  • Our projects are developed by highly reputed yacht designer firms such as (alphabetic order) Giorgio M. Cassetta, Hydro Tec, Nauta Design, Paszkowski Design, Achille Salvagni, Vickers Studio, Winch Design.
  • We listen with attention to yacht owners, brokers, designers to anticipate market demands.
  • Last but not least, we build strong relationships with our Clients, working with them shoulder to shoulder on project development providing each of them the best possible... CdM Experience.
Vasco Buonpensiere
CdM’s co-founder and CEO



Experience, passion and pro-active approach

With a dedication to innovation and a wealth of expertise cultivated over the years, Cantiere delle Marche proudly stands at the forefront of the yachting industry. Our position is not merely the result of our cumulative knowledge but also stems from visionary leadership that has propelled our brand within the top builders in the world.
Under the guidance of our top management, Cantiere delle Marche has transformed into a reference within the yachting community, setting unparalleled standards of excellence.
The testament to our enduring success lies in the growing number of loyal clients who repeatedly choose us to fulfill their yachting desires. This fidelity speaks volumes about the exceptional quality and service that define our brand. Furthermore, our success in the commercial arena and our notable achievements in the second-hand market serve as concrete evidence of our industry leadership. Cantiere delle Marche has not only established itself as a builder of excellent yachts but has also earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.
Central to our ethos is a culture steeped in innovation, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. By consistently pushing the boundaries of yacht design and construction, we continue to redefine industry standards while remaining steadfast in our pursuit of excellence. At Cantiere delle Marche, we are not merely building yachts: we are crafting experiences that surpass expectations and endure the test of time. Our dedication to upholding the pinnacle of excellence in the yachting world remains unyielding, ensuring that we are always a step ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Ennio Cecchini
Co-Founder & President



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Tom Schröder - CdM’s Owner
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